Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Birth of Eliza Love Wells

The Birth of Eliza Love Wells

December 20, 2017; I was 39 weeks pregnant. I had been to my midwife appointment with Sarah at Lovers Lane Birthing Center that afternoon. I was at Target that night about 9pm, getting last minute supplies for the postpartum period and Christmas. My water felt like it burst, but there was only a trickle of water, so I want to the bathroom to check it out. There was bloody show, so I knew it had indeed been my water breaking.  Since there wasn’t a lot of water flowing, I ran around to get the most important items. Suddenly, the water started to gush and I knew I had to get out of there before it became too terribly embarrassing. I checked out (thank goodness only 1 person in line before me,) and made it to the car as I felt more gushing (sorry Jake about the seat of the car being forever ruined.) I called Amy on the way home and made it home without having any contractions.  At home, I talked to Jake and we decided to have the girls spend the night at Aunt Amy’s house. Jake took them as I changed clothes and started watching TV.  About 10:30pm, I called the midwife (Sarah was on call- I think I woke her up,) and informed her that my water had broken, but I had only had about 2 contraction so far. I agreed to call again when they started picking up.  About 11pm, there was another large gush of water, and I leaked to the bathroom to change clothes and take a shower.  In the shower, the contractions started picking up and becoming more regular. I got out of the shower, and called Jake over to start timing contractions to see where we were.  He started timing contractions at 11:30pm at about 4-6minutes apart. We then called Sarah to come on over.  While waiting for Sarah to call back, the contractions started coming every 2 minutes, very hard and prolonged (about 12am). Jake then texted Sarah’s direct line (gotten from the previous call back) to let her know they are 2 mins apart. She called back (about 12:20pm) and let us know she was on her way (from Dallas) and her assistant, Margie, would be here soon from Frisco. While waiting for their arrival, Jake got the pool up in our room and filled it while I labored in the pool. I started coaching Jake on catching the baby as we realized the midwives may not make it in time. I started pushing and as the head emerged, Margie comes in! She jumped to action and quickly had me positioned and pushing harder as the Baby’s shoulders had become lodged slightly and baby turns from pink to purple. Margie pulls baby out quickly and soon (with some rough rubbing and talking from Jake,) baby is crying and turning pink again. Well, what is it? Asked Jake. It’s a girl! Born December 21, 2017 at 12:57 am.

Eliza and I was moved from pool to bed, and Eliza latched on well and started nursing well. My placenta was taking a while to come, so with some coaxing it emerged (however, leaving some trailing behind.) Sarah arrived about 1:10am to assist. Sarah was able to get most of the trailing out, but after some large output, both Sarah and Margie stayed a while to monitor. I had some apples, oranges and water. Eliza continued to nurse well. Midwives left about 5am. We got some sleep and Jake brought the girls home to meet Eliza about 6pm. 

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