Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This pic is brought to you by the colors blue and brown; and by the number one:

So Madelynn and I started our homeschooling. She really likes it- it gives her special individualized time, and she loves the arts and crafts. I'm using A Beka Books right now, may look into seatan (sp?) catholic books more later. We are learning colors right now- 2 colors a day. I also started on numbers- 1 number a week. Some of the lessons are still alittle over her head (prob. more for 2 1/2 or 3 year olds) like reciting a poem, and understanding that colors come from God. But it's good to go over and I can review it again as she gets older. She still gets alittle confused on colors, but they seem to really stick when we eat the color for lunch. For example, today were colors blue and brown; so we had blueberries and brown peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. After that she seemed to get the colors better. Tomorrow is green and black, so we're going to go outside and find green and black objects (prob. just leaves, grass, and dirt.) Hopefully, it won't be too hot ;) I'm thinking kiwi and raisins for lunch too.....

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  1. That's great that she likes it so much! I forgot to tell you that I have a book that I'll bring on Labor Day that you might want to use later on...I'll call you about it. She looks like she is having a lot of fun in the picture! :)