Friday, August 21, 2009

Annie's 2 month appt.

So Annie had her 2 month checkup yesterday. She is in the 56% for length and 77% in weight. She is 12lbs now- wow! Just so different from Maddie who was always so tall and thin ;) The MD said that she has a really high arch in the roof of her mouth....I hope she doesn't have the same speech impediment that I did. She also has really large ridges where the head plates come together. The shape of her head is good, and head circumference was OK (1/4 an inch small, still 50%) but they are going to recheck in a month just to make sure. I'm glad she's a girl so her hair will cover the ridges.
When we got back from the office Maddie took a nap and when she woke up she was running a fever: 103. She didn't have any symptoms, just tired and cranky and didn't want to eat anything (but she never does). So I gave her tylenol and she seemed to feel better. We had a large storm last night. I think the lightening and thunder kept hitting our backyard it was so loud. So between both girls fevers (Annie did start running a small one: 100.1) and the storm nobody was getting any sleep last night. Hopefully they will take a good nap today. They both still have alittle temp. but it's better and the tylenol is helping.....
Well, I sent out the invites to Maddie's 2nd bday. It's sesame street themed and balloons themed. Basically, I found sesame street items at the Dollar Store and any decorations I couldn't find in sesame street I got with balloons themed. I hope Maddie will be able to blow out her candles this year.....we may have to practice first..... I really can't wait for Christmas this year since Maddie will be able to participate more. I really hope we can go caroling and start some of our own traditions this year.
Ugh, I can't believe I'm already thinking about christmas. This year has gone by incredibly too fast!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love my house!

I'm loving my house more and more. We got new wood blinds put up, and it looks great! I love the paint color, and when we finish the fireplace project it will be fantastic! Then when we get everything just the way we like it, we'll have to Oh well, in the meantime I can just dance in my house of love ;)

Funny story (family with gmail already heard this story):
Maddie started 'breastfeeding' her dolls. She kept wanting to take off her shirt and I couldn't figure out why. Finally, I heard her saying to her doll "hungie (hungry) baby? hungie?" So she took off her shirt and put her dolls mouth up to her belly button- lol! I laughed so hard, then I said "Are you going to burp her, Maddie?" so she patted the dolls back and made the doll say "A-choo!" I had to laugh again;) so I guess she thinks sneezing is burping, and the baby eats from my belly button ;) After I could stop snickering, I showed her how to breastfeed and really burp a baby, so now she is doing it more correctly....... Kids are so funny!

Annie has slept through the night every night this past week! Yay! She is such a good baby! She goes down about 9 or 10pm, and wakes up about 6 or 7am. She is really happy and is always smiling- I'm so proud ;)

Work started back up this last Sunday. It went OK, I floated to a tele. floor but I knew the charge on that floor (he just had twins) so he was super nice to me. I'm excited to be back on my floor this weekend- It'll be nice to catch up with all the girls ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a crazy weekend!

Wow, so this past weekend was very busy. First the painters finally showed up, but instead of it taking only 1 day like they said, it took 3 days for them to finish painting the house (Thurs.-Sat.) I'm so thankful to have my internet again now- lol! I also had to take Maddie and Annie out while they were painting, so thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa Dollar and Grandma and Grandpa Wells for putting us up for awhile ;)

Saturday I had my 10 year HS reunion. It went OK, most of the people I want to keep up with I do via facebook and myspace (and twitter and blogger, etc....) I wonder if reunions will start to disappear now that social networking via the internet is more popular. I had to laugh, one classmate came up to me and said "Carrie Dollar! Who can forget Carrie Dollar!" lol- My name is Corrie, lady!

Sunday was Annabelle's baptism. It went really well. Beth (Jake's sister) and her fiancee Barry (wedding in October) are the Godparents. I'm really excited that they accepted and I know they will be wonderful Godparents for Annie. We just invited family this time because we know how busy our friends are with their lives at this moment, and didn't want them to feel pressured to make it. I really hope everyone will be able to make it to Maddie's birthday party on Labor day though ;) We are hoping to have the fireplace project completed by then (we'll see.....) ;)

Poor Jake looks so tired after such a busy weekend :) Still a cute one of him and his girls though.