Friday, July 30, 2010

Never a good sign when your belly protrudes farther than your boobs......unless you're pregnant....

So this pregnancy has been so drastically different than my pregnancies with the girls. Besides it being a complete surprise, yadda, yadda, yadda..... I look so different with this one than with the girls. For this reason, I'm uncertain if I believe that this baby is a girl. Either this girl is going to be a complete tomboy, or this baby is a boy.

I need another sono techs opinion.
I get one in a month.
I can't wait a month.
Jake's making me wait a month.
It's hard.
I'm told patience builds character.
So I blog about it to help with the wait.

Differences in pregnancies:

Girls: I had a huge sweet tooth
This one: I love carrot and celery sticks

Girls: I gained weight fast from the beginning, and ended at +45 lbs each (might have something to do with that sweet tooth....)
This one: At 6 months I gained 4 lbs. Now at 7 months I've gained 8 lbs.

Girls: I jumped sizes in pants and jeans as my butt and hips got huge....almost elephant sized ;)
This one: I continue to go down sizes in pants and jeans as I fit into clothes I haven't worn since pre-Madelynn

Girls: No belly until about 5-6 months along
This one: Huge pokey belly at 3 months....accused of having twins/triplets many times

So funny tangent on the huge belly thing.... I was in Home Depot this week and the cashier was all:
Wow! You're about to deliver any day now!
No, I still have about 2 months left....
What?!?!?! No way! That baby's going to be HUGE!

Another tangent: I like huge babies! I hope all my babies are huge. It means they are really healthy, and I don't have to worry about them as much. Scrawny babies you have to worry about....are they eating enough?....Will the dog knock them over and they will be damaged forever?.....Are they sleeping too much? Big babies you can just not worry about.....they are of a tougher breed.

So in conclusion of my long discombobulated can I talk Jake into letting me get a 3D/4D sonogram soon? ;P

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blogger Bandwagon

So I've fallen off the blogger bandwagon. I've been thinking of all sorts of things to blog about: road tripping with kids, Annie's Birthday, etc.... I just have been feeling so melancholy about writing it. I love to write, but is it a waste of my time? It's hard finding a balance. I don't want to keep pushing my kids off while I blog, but it's nice to have time to myself sometimes too; blogging is a way I can kinda 'get away' for a short while. I guess finding that balance between being 'me' and being 'mommy' is a life long struggle. When I'm at work, I always feel like 'yeah, I could head that committee!' and 'Sure, I could do an inservice on that!' But then when I get home, I'm like 'thank goodness, I didn't volunteer for more time at work, home is where I belong...' Then I go to work again, and the cycle starts all over.... This even spreads to vacations. I would love to go parasailing, and rent dune buggies on the beach; or take a quick 6hr drive to Paris while in Europe. But I have to think of the kids and what they will enjoy. It helps to think that one day Jake and I will have all our kids in college and then we can enjoy these activities once again. We'll be the coolest old fogies around!