Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dance Class- update

Madelynn has gotten better and better with her dance class! She loves practicing all the moves when at home, and will now only hug my leg for the first 10mins of class before branching out on her own. Here are some updated photos of her with Miss Sarah.

Here she is learning how to hop like a frog.

Here she is doing the 'seal'. She was the only one in her class who could do it properly.

Everyone is dancing to 'I'm a little teapot'.

Madelynn has been having so much fun, I've signed her up for the next dance class, and an art class. This summer I'm thinking a music class....


  1. That's so fun! Do you take Annie with you while Madelynn does the class? I wonder if we have all that stuff at our Saginaw rec center...

  2. Yeah, Annie sits in her carrier and kicks to the music-lol! I'm actually really surprised how well she does at the class....

  3. Neat! That looks like so much fun! Glad she is enjoying it more too!