Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How my life has changed since having kids

1. The world now revolves around naptime.
2. I used to try to park close to the store, now I look for parking spots next to the shopping carts.
3. I have learned to quietly crawl across the bed and crawl across the floor to the bath room every morning; just so the baby won't see me and start crying.
4. I'm queen of the 5 minute shower.
5. I used to be able to just go to bed at night; now I pick up toys, do some laundry, get nighttime bottles ready, prepare homeschool lesson, defreeze meat for next dinner, do "go back to bed" routine with toddler five times, make sure baby's warm, check calendar for next day activities, check weather for next day clothing options, then go to bed (before waking up 2 hours later to feed baby again, and send toddler back to bed again, and move that dang toy I stubbed my toe on AGAIN.)
6. I now go out of my way to go to a place with a drive-thru, or a place that is kid friendly.
7. I have a highly developed 'mommy tone' of voice for those I'm really serious now moments (sounds scarily like my own Mother's 'mommy tone'.)
8. 'Taking risks' is things those dang teenagers do.
9. I now rock out to Jesus Loves Me in the car.
10. There is a designated safe place to sit baby down in every room of the house.
11. My fridge used to be stocked with leftovers from restaurants around town. Now it's mac-n-cheese, jello, and fishsticks.
12. Restaurants? What are they?
13. Last movie I saw was.....hmmmm......it's been too long, I don't remember.
14. Cheerios is a food group.
15. Distance of items from counter ledges is directly proportional to height of child.
16. I've become very proficient at saying I'm sorry. "I'm sorry I'm late.....again." "I'm sorry to cancel on you.....again." "I'm sorry to drop my children off at your doorstep....again." (just kidding on that last one....maybe....) ;)
17. I now find myself humming Old Macdonald had a Farm at work.
18. Vacation is sleeping past 6am.
19. What's a purse?
20. At any moment I may spill my list of unwanted Motherly advice to anyone with ears.
21. I cry at any and all cute mother/daughter commercials (and songs, books, the list goes on....)

How has your life changed since having kids?

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