Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Weekly Post

I had hoped to be better at this, and do more than a weekly post.......but life gets in the way sometimes.  Still working on a routine at home (though I hear that NEVER happens with kids........and I'm starting to agree.) 

Let me just say right now that I refuse to comment on the Health Care Reform. I'm sick of hearing about it. The End.

Madelynn's imagination is so wonderful, she is a wonderful daughter and big sister. Even though she is starting to experience the pains of sharing with a sibling, she gets so worried when Annie cries and does everything she can think of to help her.
"I get toy for Annie"
"Mama, Annie needs bottle"
"Annie, don't cry! I kiss your booboo"
"You want song Annie?"
She continues to go down the list until Annie stops crying. It's so cute- she is so sweet!

Annie got her 9month check-up yesterday. She is 18lbs (35%) and 28" (65%).  Head is still ridged, but growing appropriately and no need for worry (if she ever shaves her head, I'll be worried; but not about the ridging....)  It is so hard for me to not compare her physical progress with Madelynn's at that age. Maddie was crawling on all fours, and pulling up to standing by that age.  Annabelle is army crawling, but shows no interest in being on all fours. She has learned how to go up stairs, but not pull up to standing. I think it is just a difference in personality.  Annie is a very laid back child (thank goodness) so she is just happy sitting there. Maddie was always on the move, couldn't ever sit still.  Even knowing this, I still worry.  It is my job.......or curse......

I got the opportunity to watch my nephew Ian last week. It was lots of fun! It was great to see how it would be with 3 kids.......now all future kids have to be as good as Ian. 
Here is a blackmail photo we captured:

My kids are forced to love me- bwahaha!

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  1. Maddie is such a sweet big sister! That is great that she tries so hard to get Annie to stop crying! Congrats on Annie's 9 month check up going well...can't believe she is already 9 months! Love the pic with the cousins together too!