Friday, July 9, 2010

Blogger Bandwagon

So I've fallen off the blogger bandwagon. I've been thinking of all sorts of things to blog about: road tripping with kids, Annie's Birthday, etc.... I just have been feeling so melancholy about writing it. I love to write, but is it a waste of my time? It's hard finding a balance. I don't want to keep pushing my kids off while I blog, but it's nice to have time to myself sometimes too; blogging is a way I can kinda 'get away' for a short while. I guess finding that balance between being 'me' and being 'mommy' is a life long struggle. When I'm at work, I always feel like 'yeah, I could head that committee!' and 'Sure, I could do an inservice on that!' But then when I get home, I'm like 'thank goodness, I didn't volunteer for more time at work, home is where I belong...' Then I go to work again, and the cycle starts all over.... This even spreads to vacations. I would love to go parasailing, and rent dune buggies on the beach; or take a quick 6hr drive to Paris while in Europe. But I have to think of the kids and what they will enjoy. It helps to think that one day Jake and I will have all our kids in college and then we can enjoy these activities once again. We'll be the coolest old fogies around!


  1. Another reason why it's great to have kids so close in age. Less time to wait until they're off on their own and you're back to being more than just "Mommy".

  2. It's definitely hard to find the balance between the computer, the house, and the girls! I am with you on the wanting to do things without having to think about kids. I just remember that the years will go by fast and I'll be able to do things by myself again someday, as you mentioned. I just try not to think about how old I'll be...LOL!!