Friday, August 6, 2010

Married 72 months

I treasure all our memories
and I feel so grateful too,
That I have been so lucky
to have shared them all with you.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful and amazing Husband & still my Best Friend!

Thinking back to our first anniversary, we had so much fun sky diving. Then I think the next year was the wine tour package at the Gaylord Hotel (I think we bought our couch and bed for our new house too). Year 3 was spent at On the Border, then shopping to prepare for the birth of our first daughter: Madelynn. I was 8 months pregnant then, the empanadas and shrimp were so good! Year 4 we took a family trip to Myrtle Beach. We thought it was so tough traveling with 1 kid, haha! Year 5 we dropped off Maddie and 2 month old Baby Annie and rushed off to dinner at The Silver Fox, then to buy our new TV. Now we are at year 6. The plan: Eat at On the Border (currently at 7 months pregnant, I can't wait for the empanadas and shrimp) then buy our new kitchen faucet. A long way from skydiving our first year!

Wow- 2&1/2 kids later, I feel we are stronger than ever before! I am so blessed to have found a man that will put up with all my craziness- and still love me despite it. ;)


  1. I hope you two had a Happy Anniversary!

  2. Hope you had a great anniversary. This was our 6th too and I can't even remember our first.. skydiving sounds fun, did y'all like it?