Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So I tried acupuncture for induction of labor today. The Doctor (yes, he's a real doctor) was really nice. He said he had a 50% success rate for labor within 24 hrs. He basically placed very teeny tiny needles in my ankles, inner elbow, and clavicle for about 30 mins. He then came and took them out and placed more in my ankles and wrists. He then came back later and put them in alittle deeper. Then came back later, took them out and was done- it took about 1 hour total time. I had several strong contractions during the procedure, but they have since settled down......we'll see at my appt. tomorrow if they did any good (or maybe I'll pop tonight) ;) Overall, it was a much better experience than I was expecting...... Here is the place I went to:

He also marked spots on my ankles and hands for Jake to rub for 5 mins each (acupressure) to get things going ;)

I got a haircut today too- it's very different from what I usually get. Alittle shorter, but I'm liking it alot (of course it's still styled right now.) We'll see if I can get it to look as good on my own and still like it tomorrow ;)

So now I'm really ready for you Annie!!!! You can come out now!!!! ;)


  1. Interesting...I've always wondered what acupuncture would be like...I might have to try it sometime. Did it hurt at all?

  2. I barely even noticed the needles were there. They are so small I kept getting worried they would just fall out- MD said they wouldn't. I worked on my word finds the whole time (I don't know why I really like those....)