Sunday, June 14, 2009

Annie's not ready

Well, I guess Annie didn't get the memo that she was due yesterday...... She's already inherited her late to everything gene from mommy-lol ;) That's OK, hopefully she'll come soon so daddy can get his vacation ;) We plan to finish the office today (which means prob. finish tomorrow.) That'll be nice to get one project out of the way- then just the new fireplace!!! yay!!! Then the yard, bathroom, etc.... lol! Our never ending projects- the joys of owning a home ;) I'm thinking of doing an accupunture treatment to induce labor. I'm going to call tomorrow to get more info in this place I found in Mckinney. The doctor learned acupuncture at the Harvard School of Medicine (I didn't think they even taught that there...) I've never done acupuncture before......should be interesting....

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