Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sleeping, Swimming & Landscaping......

Yay!!! Annie slept for 6 straight hours last night!!! I have so much energy today- surprising how much good a few more hours of sleep can do for you ;) Now, if she'll just do it again tonight......

I took Madelynn swimming at the community pool yesterday. She had a blast! All day today she keeps saying "swimming? swimming? swimming?" There is a small splash park there too. After being in the pool, coming out with the wind made it very chilly. She was shivering and sliding down the turtle slide and refusing to stop to warm up in a towel. I'm glad she likes the water so much, she's sure to be a good swimmer with her big feet (gets it from her momma.) She's already in a size 7 shoe now- good grief. Hopefully, she will be tall too (it would look funny if she was short with big feet-lol!)

Oh yea, Madelynn finally peed in the potty! She told Jake "potty" so he took her to the potty and she peed in it! We tried it again last night, but she just sat there without doing anything. I really wasn't going to potty train her until next summer, but she's been taking off her diaper and if she's ready then I guess we'll go ahead with it. I'm not pushing it though, we'll probably take it slow......until she starts undressing in public, then we may have to speed it up a bit- lol!

So Oncor decided that our neighbors need a new electric line and the line goes through the middle of our front yard. They have the large digging truck out digging a huge hole (a man is in it up to his waist.) They said a landscaping company will replace everything, but I'm sure it'll be winter before that happens. They better not break a sprinkler head with their trucks....... The only good thing is that we were going to replace our yard eventually with St. Augustine grass so I'm hoping the landscaping will be with St. Augustine grass on the majority of the yard and we can fill in the holes with our own grass patches. I guess we'll see this winter........ *insert nervous laugh/eye roll combination* ;) I hope they are done with everything today. Maddie can't take a good nap with all the noise outside her window and I don't have the nerves for 2 napless days.

Ugh, 2 more weeks until I start work again......booooooooooo!!!!!!!! I better buy a lotto ticket tonight....... ;)

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  1. That's fantastic about Annie STTN...Here's to hoping it continues!!! I can tell from the pic, she is already getting bigger...I hope she'll slow down until I can see her...LOL! Love the pic of Madelynn in her swim gear! YAY for peeing on the potty too! I hope they are able to finish digging today and replace everything soon.