Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I suck at complements

I've have realized a few things about myself as I get older (just a few-lol!) One thing is that I suck at complements. Giving complements and receiving them. It became really obvious this weekend.
I have a friend from work who lost alot of weight recently. She looks great! I was telling her how skinny she looks and that she has a small butt. Since being pregnant, I have a large butt now so I'm really jealous of her butt. However, she is really self conscious of her butt and thinks she has no butt. So I accidently criticized her butt. I'm really sorry (she knows who she is). I meant to say you looked really great and should have left it at that.
I also sucked at telling my other friend how great she is looking also. All my clothes are really tight on me right now and I really wished I had clothes that were loose like I used to. I told her that she lost so much weight that her clothes hang on her and she needs a new wardrobe. I didn't mean to criticize her clothes, I meant to give her a complement that all her hard work is paying off. She looks great and I wish I was as small as she is.
I guess I learned a valuable lesson that I need to just leave complements as short and sweet instead of trying to tell people what I wish would be said to me. I wish I had no butt and I wish my clothes were loose on me instead of so tight all the time. So sorry to my 2 friends- I know ya'll worked really hard to lose all the weight, and it really shows. Ya'll look wonderful! The End

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