Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annie's 4 month checkup

Annabelle had her well visit today, she is doing very well. She got her vaccines and when I picked her up she calmed right down. Then the nurse turned to her to tell her she was sorry and Annie let out this mad yell at the nurse. I had to laugh. Maddie was very curious through the whole thing......I'm gonna have to watch her that she doesn't 'practice' doctor on Annie later- lol!

Annie's head is doing well. We were a little worried with the first head circumference measurement because it was smaller than last month's measurement. But after we re-did the measurement, it was right on track and everything is good. The left side of the head is a little more flat than the right side, but I just think the MD might be over analyzing it now. The front sutures are less rigid, but the back sutures are still fairly prominent. I'm not worried, but the MD wants to recheck in a month.

Annie is in the 58th percentile in weight at 14lbs. 5oz. and in the 69th percentile in height at 25inches. I really don't know where we get tall kids from, considering that Jake and I are fairly average in height. But I'm not complaining......we'll have someone around to reach the tall cabinets for us then- lol!

I was a little worried about Annie pooping only once every 48hrs; but the MD said that was fine, that she had a pt who only pooped once a week. (wow! now that's some slow metabolism!)

I also learned that they now do not give Tylenol with vaccines because new research shows that Tylenol can make the vaccines less effective. I personally think that is baloney, so I gave Annie Tylenol as soon as we got home.

Well, I'll post more later on our Halloween week activities. But everything is going well, and Maddie has learned some important lessons on waiting in line, and only getting one thing from the candy bucket.

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  1. Glad Annie's head formation is not serious! What a big girl! I hadn't heard that about the Tylenol being changed. I'll have to ask about it at our next check-up. WOW...I can't imagine only going poop once a week! I am surprised the ped wasn't more concerned about that. Maybe the patient doesn't eat very much. :)