Friday, October 9, 2009

*crickets chirping*

Well, not much has been happening around here....but I thought I should post something.....

Madelynn is talking so well now. I can finally hold a real conversation with her! I'll ask her about her day when I get home from work and she can tell me about it (with minimal prompting from Dad.) She sang the whole alphabet (when she thought I wasn't listening) and can count to 10. She knows all her colors and majority of her shapes. We are working on the sounds the letters make in school now. She really likes Leap Frog's Letter Factory and I really think that helps alot.

Annabelle is rolling really well from stomach to back (she never stays on her stomach now.) And she is cooing all the time. I think we have quite the talker....or maybe singer- sometimes it sounds just like singing. She is definitely a thumb sucker, but overall a very content baby. She loves to laugh and is very ticklish.

Jake and I are doing well. We are in the middle of spring cleaning now. I think I finally did it- I have more maternity clothes than regular clothes- lol! Oh well, I guess I have an excuse to go shopping! I think I'm going to finally get rid of all my prom/dance dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Why is it so hard to let go of those? Maybe because I spent so much money on them, or I keep thinking I'll one day have the occasion to wear them again..... Oh well, out they go! I saw the Oprah show on hoarders yesterday, and it spurred me on. *shudder* I will never let my things build like that (famous last words.)

Well, that's about it for now......I guess I did have some things to say afterall! ;P

ps, I realized that I'm one of those people who use smiley faces way too much in my typing.....but I'm OK with that. ;P


  1. That's great Maddie is learning so much! Yay to Annie for rolling also! I can't wait to hear her coos and talk with Madelynn! I so hear you on the spring cleaning. I am the same way with my special occasion dresses. I really do need to find time to go through everything. I have found that I use exclamation points alot, and I'm okay with that also! :)

  2. i know ALL those things now. (and more)