Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dallas Zoo

I was canceled from work on Sunday, so we took the rare opportunity to take a family trip to the zoo. It was great! We went early in the morning so the zoo was very empty; there were no lines, and we could take all the room we needed for pictures. We ate lunch there (note to self: take a lunch next time, the corndog was way more expensive than it needed to be) and we left when it became obvious that naptime was needed. Madelynn LOVED all the animals! When we learn about the animals in school now, she always brings up the zoo. Hopefully, we'll be able to go again soon.
Madelynn loves to run her fingers through Jakes hair while she rides on his shoulders. By the end of the trip his hair was like a mohawk-lol!

She LOVES the elephants!

This picture always cracks me up! She went running to the window to see the gorilla. Then the gorilla turned her head to look at Madelynn and Maddie promptly turned heel and ran away faster than I've ever seen her run before. After lots of coaxing, Jake and I were able to take her back to see the gorilla where this "BIG monkey" taught her how to pick her nose. (Thankfully, not her butt-lol)

Annabelle learned how to blow strawberries while we were there.....maybe she was watching the monkeys too closely too ;)

A rare picture of the tiger that was out. Forget trying to get Madelynn to say "tiger." It's just "rowr!"

She loved petting the rabbit and guinea pig at the childrens zoo. She was very gentle with them- no ear pulling at all!

On our way out.....blissfull naptime cometh soon....

Madelynn can now wear braids!!! I'm so excited that I can start to fix her hair in more cute styles now! Of course, they only last for a few hours before her crazy hair is everywhere again....

Coming soon: Thanksgiving dinner update, and pictures of our new fireplace!

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  1. That's great y'all were able to go to the zoo! LOL about the gorilla! She is so cute wearing braids! Great pics!!