Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Planner and The Procrastinator

So this is the first year I'm holding Thanksgiving at my place. I go between putting off everything (like cleaning the house) and trying to plan everything (I love lists!) I have the fun part done: shopping and decorating, so I guess this week I can't put off the cleaning anymore.

I never realized how few dishes and cups Jake and I have been living off of. Here I was thinking we were doing well in the land of dishes, then I had to go and throw a large dinner together and we are dish poor! I really don't know what happened to all of them. Could we really have broken that many dishes and cups? Can we serve Thanksgiving on plastic? No, there are only a few holidays where plastic dishware cannot be used (and not for want of trying- I asked everyone looking for someone to agree with me.....but in vain) Thanksgiving is one of those holidays. And Walmart knows it. Thankfully for me, there are some great sales on real dishes and glasses.

It's so funny how 'real' is now glass. Like we've been eating off of 'fake' plates because you can throw them away. Yep, living in the land of make believe, where fairies and elves do your dishes for you......maybe that's where our dishes went....

I've been so good not to go crazy with the decorations. It's so hard because I LOVE the fall colors! I'd keep my house in a forever Autumn state if I could. And the candles- YUM! I've set the table for 16 guests (just to tempt fate to bring me 17 guests.) I'm so OCD on everything matching too- I'm 2 seconds away from buying all new flatware. I just have to keep checking my bank account every morning to remind myself why that's not a good idea. But at least the glasses and plates will all match- gosh darn it!

Jake and I bought a new dining table. We've been wanting a new one for a while now, so when Rooms To Go held a good sale on a new table we jumped at it. Then the next week Big Lots holds a sale on chairs that go with our set (cha-ching!) so now our table has 8 matching chairs (OCD kicking in again.) Then Garden Ridge holds a sale on all their parsons chairs, so we got new chairs for our breakfast table too; then of course I had to get a pretty autumn tablecloth for our breakfast table (prob. should take some meds for OCD) so now we have a new(ish) breakfast table too! Now I have to bring a paper bag with me to look at the bank account every morning, reminds me of my early preggo days.

Well, I've planned the menu out- now if I could just make myself go to the grocery store to get everything.....

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  1. HAHA...loved your post! You've been busy! You still have a whole week and a half so you can put off cleaning until next Monday. That's what I do anyway when I have a big group of people coming...I tell myself it will just get dirty again by then if I do it sooner. Sarah's party is this Saturday though so I'm really going to have to get started. Congrats on the new table, chairs, dishes, and decorations!