Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Lights

On Friday, we went to the Heard Museum Trail of Lights. It's this hiking trail you can take where all the trees are covered in lights. Then, a hay ride back to the beginning where there is hot chocolate, a choir singing and an orchestra playing. Unfortunately, the museum was not expecting such a great turn out. We got through about 1/4 of the trail before it was so congested we had to turn back. So we got some popcorn and water (hot chocolate had run out about in about 45 mins) and listened to the choir and orchestra. Much to my surprise, that was Madelynn's favorite thing! She kept clapping and saying "more, more!" after each song. I thought she would be bored and trying to run around, but she sat really still, listening very closely. Finally, Jake and I got really cold and had to go. When asked what she liked best about the trail of lights, she said "singing!"

Annie did really well too- she just slept the whole time :)

I know I know, my fuzzy hat looks really ridiculous. However, it is really really warm! I'm such a Mom now- lol!

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