Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All About Annie

I talk so much about Madelynn, I think it's OK if this post is all about Annabelle. :)
We had her 6 month appt. Monday (wow- 6months!) She is definately getting some stranger anxiety already. Whenever anyone talked to her she started crying and stopped as soon as I picked her up..... Funny how she is getting more shy as Maddie is getting more friendly..... she is in the 75% in height, and the 43% in weight (I see a trend starting with Jake and I's children.) Her head is still very lumpy. While it is still growing appropriately, the doctor wants another opinion from a specialist just so she can rest easily. I'm personally not worried, but if it will set the matter to rest then I guess we'll go in January.

We started Annabelle on cereal Monday as well. She ended up really liking it! Hopefully, she won't be as picky with food as Maddie was....

I found it was definately easier starting on solids at 6months rather than at 4months. All my kids are going wait till 6months from now on....

Annabelle is getting such the little mohawk going- but I LOVE it! It's a part of her...... :)

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  1. I love the mohawk too! Very cute!! I did a double take when I saw the 6 months...wow, already! I swear she will be walking before we see her again at this rate! I'm glad her appt went well even if she is getting shy. Maybe once she sees Madelynn talking to other people, she'll give it a try too. I think it's good you are going to see a specialist about her head...just to have the expert's opinion, but I'm sure that everything will be fine! Miss you! Talk to you soon!