Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leap Frog, Leap Frog!

Madelynn has completely surprised me. I got her a leap frog alphabet set for the fridge for Christmas. She loves it and has already memorized all the letters of the alphabet and what sound they make (and a word that starts with that letter.) I also contribute this to the leapfrog movie The Letter Factory.

She loves that movie, I think the fridge set just reinforced the basic principles. My baby will be reading before you know it!
In case you can't tell, I'm becoming a huge fan of Leapfrog. Madelynn loves their products, and they are very educational. She got the Tag Junior system for her birthday (thank you Grandma Dollar) and can't get enough of it!As I write this she's yelling "leapfrog, leapfrog!" Technology has reknewed my faith in the education of our children once again.......for now......


  1. Wow! That is impressive. Savannah is not a big fan of letters yet. She got just the usual fridge letter magnets for Christmas, I should have got her this leap frog thing!

  2. She is so smart!! She'll be reading before you know it!! I love LeapFrog also...Sarah got the "My Pal Violet" for Christmas from us. You can program it to say and spell her name. You can also program it to sing her favorite songs and name her favorite foods. We also have the LeapFrog Learning Table which is a ton of fun!

  3. We have the LeapFrog Musical Learning Table that a neighbor gave us as she was moving. Diara loves that thing and when Nasiya visited she loved it so much we bought her one for Christmas. We also got Diara the LeapFrog Learn and Groove alphabet Drum for Christmas. She doesn't really like to play with it on the ABC setting yet, but she loves the music setting and will pat away at it all morning while I make her breakfast.