Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Week

Getting both children to look at the camara was not a Christmas miracle I was going to recieve....

We have had quite the busy Christmas week! On Tuesday, my work held its Christmas party. It was potluck- and all the food was yum yum yum! Maddie and I stuffed ourselves, and Annie let my friend Grace hold her. She would not let anyone else hold her though.... On Wednesday we went over to Jake's family to see everyone who made it to town. It is the first time in a long time that everyone was able to make it in for Christmas (including all the cousins!) Then on Thursday, Christmas Eve, we went to Lila and Zella's 2nd birthday party. Madelynn loved singing the birthday song, and she got to make an ornament there and play with lots of new toys! Afterwards, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Dollar's for a wonderful dinner and to open presents. While we were at the birthday party it started to snow! It didn't stick on the ground at first, so when I tried to show Maddie she didn't believe me.
"Look Madelynn! It's snowing!"
"No, just rain"
"No really, it's snowing!"
"No, rain."
At the grandparents house it started to stick to the ground, so she believed me then!

It really surprised me how excited Annie got when she saw a present! She really worked at trying to open it too! Upcoming Christmas's are going to be soooo much fun!

On Christmas morning (I still can't believe I lived to see a white Christmas in Texas), Madelynn came into the living room and just stared at the tree for a she was in disbelief about what she saw. Then she suddenly ran toward the tricycle "bike, bike!" climbed on and it's been her favorite toy since.

After all the presents were opened, Jake took Madelynn outside to play in the snow. Annie got a picture with her first snow too, of course.

While Jake was outside another Dad and his daughter let them use thier sleds to go sliding down the golf course hills. Madelynn had lots of fun!

After lots of sleding, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Wells's house for a wonderful dinner and gifts. We took the rare opportunity to get some pictures done of everyone. And a cute one of the cousins. This is the un-touched versions:
We're getting quite the crowd going. It'll be fun to see how everyone's changed in a few years (if we're ever able to get another one done again) ;P

Well, overall a great Christmas! Another one for the books! Despite all the fun, I think it's time we start our own Christmas traditions at home. It seems like we spend more time running around on a schedule and driving, than actually enjoying a relaxing day with the kids. Staying at home and enjoying our children and our time as a family on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve is how our future holidays will be spent from now on. If working in oncology has taught me anything, it is that you can never turn back time. You only get one chance to enjoy and make good memories with your family. Nobody ever says 'I wish I had spent less time with my children' it's always 'I wish I had not let anything stand in the way of quality time with my kids'. I intend to take that to heart.


  1. The pictures are wonderful!!! I am glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. What cute pictures! The one with all the cousins smiling, except for Annie made me laugh! Glad Maddie enjoyed the snow! Did she have any trouble learning to pedal the tricycle or did she pick it right up? It will be nice to make some more of your own Christmas traditions next year! Talk to you soon!