Thursday, December 3, 2009


I find this pic. so funny! I was wanting to get them in their cute footie PJs. Both girls had just woke up and are like "A picture now, Mom! You've GOT to be kidding me!"

Thanksgiving went really well! Everyone got a cup, plate, wine glass, silverware, and most importantly a chair. We ended up having 13 adults and 4 children (Annie being counted, but stayed in her swing during dinner.) Noah- no excuses next year! ;P There was loads of good food and a great smorgasbord of sides to go with the turkey and ham. There were yummy deserts galore! Jake and I are still working through the leftovers (though we've put a good dent in them) and still aren't tired of eating! I already can't wait for next year! I've taken notes to make next year even better! (including a seating chart-lol!)

Don't you just love those mid-eating pictures! BWAHAHAHA!

My mom brought crafts for all the kids. Madelynn is still running around the house in her Indian Headband (that girl loves her hats!)

This is Madelynn and her cousin Coralie. They are only 5 days apart in birth. Aunt Jessie and I have GREAT taste in clothes ;P I LOVE that Maddie will always have a close playmate and friend as she grows up. Hopefully, Coralie won't pick up her bad habits (like biting her nails) ;P

On Friday, we went to the Mckinney 'Dickens of a Christmas' that they hold every year. Of course the carousel was a big hit with Madelynn. Annie LOVED looking at all the lights and smiled every time Madelynn screamed about seeing Frosty the Snowman going around in the little train. Madelynn was very good looking around the petting zoo and SPCA exhibit while drinking her hot chocolate.

I just love seeing the sparkle in a child's eye when they are experiencing Christmas festivities to the fullest ;)

Both girls are sick right now (with Mommy picking up the bug too.) Madelynn has her first ear infection. She seems to be doing better since we've gotten some medicine into her. Poor Annie has to tough it out though since decongestants are too strong for her. Annabelle is so sweet though- she is the first baby I know who smiles and laughes while I suction out her nose. I really hope they will be better for tonight and tomorrow. We have plans to go to the Stonebridge Ranch Christmas festival and then Friday is Aunt Judith's play. Guess we'll have to play it by ear.... (a little pun intended ;P)


  1. Cute pictures! Glad it went well for Thanksgiving and I really wish we could have been there. You're SO lucky that Annie smiles about getting her nose cleaned out. We practically have to tie Diara down to get her nose cleaned out.

  2. That's great that everything went well at Thanksgiving with no major mishaps! Maybe we can make it next year! Love the pictures too, as always! Coralie and Madelynn look so grown up in that one where they are holding hands.