Monday, December 7, 2009

I've got winter on my head, but eternal spring in my heart

We are having a BLAST with all our Christmas activities! I've got something planned every Friday until Christmas. Next year, I'm DEFINITELY doing an advent calendar with activities every day until Christmas.....but that's for when Maddie's just a little bit older (and can put together a gingerbread house with me.) On Thursday, Stonebridge Ranch had their annual Christmas fun. They had a petting zoo, carriage rides, hot chocolate/apple cider, and stuff for older kids..... ;P It was really, really cold- about 34 degrees; so it was a good thing we could get in, have fun, and get out without too much fussing.

On Friday, we went to Aunt Judith's play (with North Garland High School.) It was a production of The Christmas Carol. They did a really good job! Madelynn was enthralled with it for about an hour, then started losing interest. The last 30mins she was really restless- but I think she was really tired too (it didn't end until 9:30pm.) As she gets older, she'll be able to sit for longer periods. She really enjoyed seeing Aunt Judith and the other characters all dressed up. I can't wait to take her to see The Nutcracker, or other great Christmas shows as she gets older.

Madelynn is completely well, with just a cough every once in awhile. Annie is still very congested. I'm so glad Jake hasn't caught anything.......yet.... ;P I hope all of ya'll are able to stay healthy for the holidays! Hopefully, we'll be well enough to go to see a live nativity this Friday at a fun Christmas festival :)


  1. Wow, Judith is beautiful! We've been doing an Advent calendar w/ Savannah, but I think you're right in waiting another year. She doesn't get that she just get to do 1 thing per day.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to hear about next Friday's adventure! Glad to hear that Madelynn is better...hopefully Annie is heading that direction also! I like Judith's costume...what part did she play?

  3. Judith played Scrooge's fiancee in Christmas Past, an old hag who steals Scrooges things in Christmas Future, and a caroler throughout the play. The costume in the pic is the one for the caroler.

  4. I would pay good money for it to be in the 30's here. Our high for the day was 12. Depressing!

    The pictures are wonderful. And this was Katy and I's first year to do an Advent Calendar and though she doesn't quite grasp the concept it has been fun for me :P