Monday, January 25, 2010

Dance Class

Madelynn had her first dance class this morning.  It's at the community center, so it's more for the socialization and fun than expert dance lessons.  This really cute college girl taught the class: Miss Sarah.  She was really nice and sweet and a great instructor!  I think she might have come from some theatre production though, because she wore this really dark black eyeliner and mascara with bright green eye shadow.....very scary to a 2 year old named Madelynn.  Maddie would just start to get comfortable (and by comfortable I mean out from behind my leg, but always with one hand attached to my leg) then Miss Sarah would try to get down on her level and talk to her, and Madelynn would quickly slide on all fours under the nearest chair.  All she needed was a tail tucked between her legs and it would have been exactly like a cowering puppy.  Annie on the other hand LOVED the music and kids dancing, she jumped and screamed excitedly along the whole time.  The last ten minutes of the class, Miss Sarah had the children roll a ball back and forth to her.  When the kids had the ball, she would ask them a question "What animal is this?" (holding up a picture.) "What sound does it make?" "What color is this feather?"  Madelynn perked up and quietly joined in.....answering not only when she had the ball, but for every other child when they had the ball as well.  Then Miss Sarah passed out stickers and spent a couple minutes with each child individually (there were only 4 kids total.)  Madelynn was suddenly in sticker heaven.  She even told Miss Sarah thank you and gave her a big hug.  She then proceeded to tell all the kids goodbye with a big smile and talked the whole way home about what she learned and how much fun she had.  What a goober! Hopefully next weeks class Madelynn won't take so long getting warmed up.

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  1. sweet! I'm glad she ended up having fun! It sounds like she is going to really enjoy it!