Friday, January 22, 2010

Prince Ali!

We went to see Aladdin at Aunt Judith's school last night. It was a great performance made especially for children. Aunt Judith had the lead as Jasmine, so everyone got hear Maddie yell "Aunt Judith, Aunt Judith!" every 4 minutes when she came on stage. And of course "monkey! monkey! ooo! ooo! aaah! aaah!" when Abu got on stage.  Madelynn loved the music and large parade scenes, then during the non-musical scenes we had to sneak out and get cookies from Grandma (who was volunteering at the concession stand.) She is starting to learn to whisper.....well, in that loud half whisper voice toddlers use..... So sorry to the cast and crew of the performance and all the audience who heard her 'whisper' loudly "mommy! Where are you going mommy!" when I tried to sneak fussy Annie out to Grandma (don't worry, I wasn't abandoning my child- Grandpa was with her.) Overall, very fun time- North Garland always does a good job with their plays......and are very forgiving of young children attendees.... ;)
I have to add: it was so funny (I know, I'm so mean to laugh at my child), at the end of the play all the performers come out for everyone to meet them.  The blue genie came up to talk to Madelynn and the sheer look of terror that crossed her face was absolutely priceless.  I'm sure all her conversations to her therapist later in life will center around some large blue being, and how her mean old Mother encouraged her to meet him- bwahaha! 


  1. Sounds like y'all had a really fun time! That's too funny about her being scared of the Genie. Reminds me of when Judith met Barney...

  2. Mon and I were remembering that same thing with Judith!