Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day! Again!

Since we woke up to some wonderful snow, we decided to make snowflakes for our homeschool project. (where is that homeschool tab?)  It was lots of fun!
It was a nice treat having Daddy stay home with us today too!
We have about 4-6 inches with more snow still coming.  All of the bald areas in our yard are already covered again! I think Texas forgot it's a southern state!

It's so beautiful with all the snow, it really makes me want to get a new camera so I can capture this winter wonderland more effectively.
Best snowman EVER!

Hairiest wheel EVER!

Goliath looks so pitiful, but he actually seems to really enjoy the snow!

Annie got to see the snow, but she was taking her nap during the taking of these pictures.  I'll get her pics in later....
Snow is tons of fun, and there's nothing better than coming inside all wet and tired and sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate.  I just hope that tomorrow I won't be wiping noses all day....


  1. ugh! I wish some of this rain would turn into's be WAY more fun than it just being wet outside 24/7.

  2. i need to know more about this homeschooling stuff. please do make a tab on your blog and tell me specifically everything you do so i can copy it! :)

  3. Abeka books are great! I'll email you the syllabus Amy emailed me to go with the books..

  4. YAY for snow! I don't believe global warming is an issue...I think it's getting colder instead! Texas has a white Christmas AND 6 inches of snow?? WOW! Looks like y'all had a blast out there!