Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take your Vitamins!

I realized today how my mood and energy is dependent on the sun. Yesterday it was cloudy and I felt more sluggish and depressed than ever. I got less sleep last night, but with the sun out today I felt energized and happy.  Since I can't control the sun (that would be awesome- I hope God gives me that job when I get to Heaven) I take vitamins and dietary supplements to help with health, energy, and beauty (I could use some more for that last one-lol!)  Currently, these are the vitamins I take:

1. Multi-vitamin (prenatal because I still have tons left over)

2. Vitamin B-6 for energy and lengthens my luteal phase (PMS thing). Also good for maintaining hormonal balance. Make sure you take this one in the morning, or you'll end up staying up all night.  B-12 is also great for energy, and enhances mood.

3. Vitamin C to ward off colds (chewable because I get sick of swallowing pills.) Combined with potassium sources (bananas and OJ,) it also helps prevent muscle cramping.

4. Vitamin E for healthy skin (helps with blemishes and stretch marks.) Fish Oil is also great for those with skin allergies or eczema.

5. On occasion, I'll start taking Dessicated Liver tablets when I start to feel anemic and sluggish. You can take 2-3 a day as needed. Excellent source of iron!

6. I also take Brewers Yeast tablets when breastfeeding to keep a good milk supply going. Or you can drink a non-alcoholic beer (it has brewer's yeast in it.) Eating oatmeal also helps keep a healthy milk supply going.

7. If you don't drink alot of milk, or eat very much dairy; I strongly recommend taking Vitamin D. This will not only help with bone strength, but Vitamin D and time in the sun helps improve mood as well.

Remember to get your vitamins and dietary supplements from a reputable source. I use Nature's Bounty. Most drugstores carry the more common vitamins, you may have to order online for the harder to find ones. Also, make sure to check expiration dates. Vitamins and dietary supplements can go bad like any other medication. Which brings me to my last point: check with your doctor if you are on any medications! Just like any other drug, vitamins and dietary supplements can interact badly with other medications; making them less effective, or not effective at all.

It may sound like alot of pill swallowing, but if you split them up throughout the day, or take some at night and some in the morning; it really isn't bad (and I'm the person who chokes them down one at a time.) I hope you find these helpful in maintaining a positive energy; even on the cloudy-est, coldest of days!


  1. This post reminds me of Mom! You know how she loves her vitamins. She insists that she can tell by her mood/energy if she forgot to take her vitamins or not. One time, when I was still high school, she forgot to take them before going to work and I ended up bringing them to her because she said she was feeling so sluggish.

  2. I'll have to start taking more...I stopped my prenatal when I done breastfeeding. I don't take any at the moment and could really use more energy during the day. Thanks for the post! I'll use it for reference on what to get!

  3. It's funny how as I get older, I become more in tune with my body......maybe because it won't stop yelling at me... lol ;)