Friday, June 4, 2010

Kids Update

Some cute things Annie's been doing lately:
- She tries to put all shoes on her feet
- She loves stuffed animals and all things soft
- She'll be playing, then come give me a hug before crawling off to play again
- She's started saying 'oof, oof!' when she sees a dog, then sticks out her tongue and pants like a dog. She says 'lia!' for Goliath. She loves to follow Goliath around trying to pet him (in that slapping the rear baby way)
- When she falls, she gets up and says "OK!"
- She's getting her top front tooth and top side tooth in
- She's been signing 'more' when Madelynn signs it

Madelynn is also learning more and more every day. She's really into big words lately. Some of her more favorite ones: Horrible, Comfortable, Delicious, just to name a few. She will say a word 20 times when she first learns it to try it out in different sentences. She is really into craft projects and playing dress-up and make believe. I absolutely love her imagination!

So we had to take Madelynn to the ER on Wednesday night. Her left leg suddenly started hurting Tues. night (she refused to walk on it) and then at noon she started running a 103 temp. When we went to the Pedi. she said she thought it was the hip joint hurting and needed xrays and lab draws. So we go to Medical City ER and Madelynn temp was 103.9 when we arrived. After about 5 hours of waiting (tests only took about 1 hour) they said everything looked good and was probably just a virus which can cause inflammation of the hip joint. So Motrin and rest was all that was in order (and here's your $200 bill for that...) So the next morning she was feeling great and walking great (of course.) Until.......she started throwing up that night and running another 103 temp. So after getting her some clear liquids and getting her able to keep medicine down, her temp finally went down and she seemed to have a good night sleeping. This morning she's back at 101 temp. and Tylenol seems to work better at keeping it down so far.....we'll see as the day goes on. I really hope she doesn't pass this nasty virus on to anyone else in our family.

Well, that's about all of the update for now. I'm excited Maddie starts art class next week, then music class in July. We're thinking possibly swimming and soccer in the fall. Should be fun! More updates later...


  1. Aw! Poor Maddie! Hope she's feeling better soon. That's cute that Annie stops to give you a hug in the middle of playing. lol!

  2. I hope Madelynn continues to improve and the fever goes away soon!! I can't wait to see her. I'll bet she sounds so cute using those big words being so young...she is so smart! I laughed about her using them in different sentences too...that's so great! Annie is growing up so fast too...I can't wait to see her too. You will have to get video of her doing the dog cute! How sweet that she stops to give you a hug!