Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Blessed

I've been feeling so blessed lately. God is SO GOOD to us! I miss not spending more time with Jake, but we only have a little longer to sacrifice before I can have more weekends at home; and my job is so great to me- I really have no reason to complain. I know, I need to write about our Germany trip, but I've been so busy lately. I was thinking the other day I need to start planning Annie's 1st birthday party. YIKES! She's almost 1! I just can't believe it! We really do have the best girls in the world! (No biased opinions here- wink, wink) Well, just a quick blog today..... I've been basking in so much love this week, I send everyone some love rays of your own:


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  2. I got an error the first time so I commented again, but then realized that the first comment actually I deleted the second one. :)