Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting ready for Baby!

I went to my first weekly OB appt. yesterday. Wow- can't believe I'm already at that point! Madelynn and Annie both did great! We had a backpack of supplies which lasted them the whole 2 hours. I was alittle worried because while I get the nonstress test (NST)and Biophysical Profile (BPP sonogram) done, I'm strapped to a chair and table and cannot attend to them. Madelynn did a wonderful job helping Annie look through books and play with stickers. I'm so very proud of both of them! Hopefully this will last through every weekly test..... ;)

So the baby is VERY head down now. In fact, the sono tech couldn't even get a profile picture for me because the head is so low in my pelvis (guess that explains the reason I have to pee every 5 mins.) Also, she showed a really good clear picture of the baby parts; and let me say this baby is DEFINITELY at girl! No mistaking it! I'm thinking we are going to have a huge tomboy on our hands- should be lots of fun and keep us in shape! ;)

So we started getting serious about names. I really like the name Joy and Jake really likes the name Abigail. We thought about naming her Joy Abigail Wells, but it just doesn't flow as nicely. So we are naming her Abigail Joy Wells, but will be calling her Joy. Jake has always liked being called by his middle name, so she might like it too.....

Well, I guess that's about it on the baby....I mean on Joy ;)
Let's see.....with Madelynn: she is really into reading lately. She is almost always with a book in her lap looking at the pictures, or 'reading' from memory as she turns the pages. I'm really excited that she loves books so much! She is also into hiding things under pillows. I find the funniest items under all the pillows in the house. Socks, toys, sippy cup, just to name a few.
Annie is walking more and more everyday! She just decided on Monday that she would walk more. She still crawls most of the time, but I'm excited that now she is walking at least 25% of the time! She also copies Madelynn on everything! Even tries to copy what she says. Annie LOVES to sing! She will 'sing' a song, then clap and clap! It's the cutest thing!

Well, that's about it for now. I better try to get more done while my nesting hormones are raging! ;)


  1. Madelynn is so smart and such a good big sister! YAY for Annie walking more! How cute about the singing!

    I really like the name Joy...I think you made the right choice! That's great that everything is going good...I'll be praying that your labor and delivery go a lot faster this time. :)

  2. Love the name! Can't wait to see pictures of Joy.. I want to come meet her sometime and so you all can finally meet Krishani too!!

  3. Oh how sweet, Corrie! You sound like you enjoy your children as much as Esther enjoys hers. And that's a LOT!!! Esther is such a happy mother! May the Lord give you a wonderful labor and beautiful birthing experience. Hugs. Susanna