Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Overdue

I know I haven't posted in forever, but I've still been so tired with this pregnancy. I can't seem to get anything done.  Jake and the girls have been really patient with me....hopefully this stage passes soon.  Some quick updates:

We bought a car!  We kept debating on getting a minivan, and had finally decided to get one. Then when we went to the dealership to compare the Honda Pilot with the Honda Odyssey (totally thinking the Odyssey would be the clear choice) we found that the most pros were with the Pilot!  It was cheaper, with the better APR. It has good gas mileage, and room for 8 passengers. The trunk space wasn't bad, and did I mention it was cheaper?  I'm very glad we chose the Pilot. Even though I've found some cons to it.....I enjoy spending money on things I really like rather than things I 'groan' about.  We can pretend to be young just a little longer. ;)

After getting some kind of stomach virus, the girls are back to their normal selves again.  Madelynn is enjoying sounding out and trying to read everything in sight. We're working on writing.....but that is still needing alot of practice.  Annie is talking better and better. She really enjoys singing, and is working on colors, shapes, and numbers.  Joy got 2 more teeth in! She now has her 2 bottom and 2 top teeth (both middle.)  She got a taste of table food, and took off trying to taste everything!  She is still trying to figure out the sippy cup, but enjoys copying her sisters.  She races after her sisters (on all fours) everywhere they go. She has even started imitating things; i.e. she puts the toy phone to her ear and yells in it. I can't believe how big all the girls are getting! Here is a recent pic of Joy (yes, her onesie is quite the mess.)

I will post recent pics of Madelynn and Annie later. They are so busy, I realized we've been doing mostly movies of them.
Well, gotta jet off. There are so many things I want to blog about, I'll have to search for the energy (and time) later.


  1. Love the new car! How's the trunk space? Our neighbor has one and I have been wondering if our double stroller would fit in the back. Love the picture of Joy, too! She's getting so big. I'm going to have to hurry up and make a trip down there before I add any more nieces or nephews to the list of ones I haven't met!! 2 is 2 too many.

  2. I'll have to get back to you about the stroller, I haven't tried yet. Phebe (our cousin) assures me they do fit though.... I'd love to see you soon too!

  3. The new car looks really nice!! The picture of Joy is so cute! I loved hearing about how each of the girls are doing...wish we saw them more! :)